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The Starchild Compact

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Other books:

A System for Protecting SCUBA Divers from the Hazards of Contaminated
(PhD dissertation published by the U.S. Department of Commerce, and
​distributed to Port Captains around the World)

The PIT Diver Series:

     Basic PIT Diver A programmed instruction text

     Advanced PIT Diver A programmed instruction text

You Can Dive!

Other writings:


The Starchild Series:
     Slingshot - Building the largest machine in human history
     The Starchild Compact - Are we the children of Starchildren? ​
(Sequel to Slingshot)
     The Iapetus Federation (scheduled for release in 2016)
(Sequel to The Starchild Compact)
Operation Ivy Bells - A novel of the Cold War

Current events:

The Chicken Little Agenda – Debunking "Experts'" Lies

Children's books:

The Starman Jones Series:     

     Starman Jones: A Relativity Birthday Present    

​     Starman Jones Goes to the Dogs(scheduled for release in 2016)​